Happy to have you on board, Sérgio!

Sérgio Fernandes will soon join the ArtMoMa network and will be hosted by the network’s industrial partner Soprema. During his research, he will work on Mechanical performances and sustainability of industrial polymers involving mechanical bonds and will participate in several international training events. It’s time to introduce Sérgio:

Tell us about your background!

My name is Sérgio Fernandes, I’m 24 years old and I come from Portugal. Academically speaking my background is Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the NOVA University of Lisbon. My specialization, per se, is polymer chemistry having done my master’s dissertation in the Materials Science and Technology of Polymers (MTP) group at the University of Twente, Netherlands.

Why did you want to be a part of ArtMoMa?

My primary focus when deciding which doctoral project to take was based on the quality, merit, and overall interest to me personally of the project itself. Having said that, upon researching further the infrastructure in which the Ph.D. is based on, one can admire and feel proud of being selected to a project that is made of a consortium of highly talented and respectful professional and academic partners that are enrolled in this project.

What are your expectations of living and working in your host city?

As I never visited Strasbourg, I can only speculate what I heard from family and friends, however, if I take their word for it, I can expect to live in a beautiful city that is richly complemented by an amazing environment and culture. Additionally, as I always had the ambition to be fluent in French, living in Strasbourg will potentially accelerate that process, or so I hope.

What do you think will be your main challenge for you in the next three years?

Coming more from an abstract point of view, the toughest challenge in the next three years is, in my opinion, to translate the complex advanced breakthroughs upon which the project itself rest on, into concrete technology results that are in line with the standards that are required for the ArMoMa project.